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Special Bodease LLC
~ Because everybody and every body deserves to feel special ~

Special Bodease Massage

Julie Billeisen, Licensed Massage Therapist



 Special Bodease Massage provides therapeutic massage to everyone and also specializes in working with people that have unique situations such as:

  • mobility issues
  • behavioral issues
  • emotional issues
  • positioning needs
  • sensory needs
  • multiple modalities and techniques
  • and is open to finding other ways to serve people who might otherwise have a difficult time receiving a massage.  

 Massage can benefit our bodies in so many ways.  Massage can:

  • help take away aches and pains
  • increase circulation
  • rejuvenate and energize
  • release tension and chronic pain
  • help with stress
  • provide a human connection without having to divulge much
  • assist in correct body alignment and posture
  • free up muscles and joints leading to mobility issues
  • and so much more...  

I'm sure you will love the results.

~Because everybody and every body deserves to feel special~


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